go bananas over these tasty treats

ever had a busy day & find yourself starving, but headed to yoga class? (ok, that was a rhetorical question.)

try some premium puffed fruits! they're dried & super sweet, giving you some instant energy without any added sugar, but also won't weigh you down in class. they are also a quick-fix for post-asana tummy rumbles & the pouches are small enough to sneak them in your mat bag.

explorer's bounty gallop a loozas puffed cinnamon banana are all-natural as well as organic. finally a banana that won't squish & bruise in your bag! plus, the sprinkle of cinnamon not only tastes great, but helps reduce bloating.

the yogadeal: get gallop a loozas puffed cinnamon banana from explorer's bounty at luckyvitamin.com (one of my fave sites as you know!) for just $2.03 (reg. is $2.49).