yoga resources found on the interwebs

looking to start a yoga practice? have an unquenchable thirst for yoga knowledge?

add these finds to your library:

for yoga books, visit
rodmell press. this small publishing house dabbles in yoga, aikido, buddhism & taoism - plus, they have a 'bargain' section.

for digital yoga, check out yoga journal's new download center. proof that yogis everywhere can be tech-savvy & still be yoga-centric. most offerings are the price of your usual dvd, but provide instant gratification via download.

for iPhone yoga, try the new authentic yoga app. for only $2.99 (or enter to win it!) get your own personal yoga guru who will always be just an iTouch away via the guidance of tara stiles & deepak chopra.

for music to keep your yoga flowing, trust candence revolution. the site is full of free, indie music worthy of a listen & an asana.

there, that should satiate your yoga needs for a bit.... did we miss something? let us know (in the comments section or via email)!