stuff for the stocking-less yogi

yes, yogis are often sock-free, but everyone can benefit from some stocking stuffer/cheapie secret santa ideas to share with their kula this time of year....


tea sub $16.00
maybe it's stereotyping, but i'm basing it on my personal findings... yogis love tea and they also aren't super serious.  get this fun twist on a loose tea infuser for the goofy yogi on your list - it's like the rubber ducky of tea time.



aquanotes waterproof notepad $6.99

because great ideas are often born in the most unexpected moments and places.  however since luck favors the prepared mind, this notepad is perfect for the daydreamer who does his best thinking in the shower.  the paper is waterproof and the 5-pack of pads (40 sheets per pad) won't hinder his mental juices once they get juicing.



 bottled water holder $7.50

as much as we all try to be eco-friendly, occasionally we must surrender to thirst and the dreaded plastic water bottle, but at least now you can tote it with you so you stay hydrated and then get it to the proper recycling center (so you feel less guilty), all without taking up any space in the packed-to-the max bag many yogis are seen toting to and fro the studio.  for $7.50 you get a pack of two, so consider this a 2-for-1 score on your gifting list!

got more ideas?  share 'em in the comments - tis the season to share!