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the cam man can (bring fine art to yoga dude t-shirts)

craig anthony miller (aka cam) known for his colorful graphic art that has graced murals to album artwork, now brings his unique style to wearable art (read: the basic cotton t-shirt). and since this week seems to be the week of the yoga man, what more perfect than to bring you this yoga deal!

the ganesha design adds a touch of yoganess to the dude 'drobe.  ganesha is known to be the blocker of obstacles, so think of this shirt as your own bodyguard to help get you (or at least inspire you to go) where you want to be.

the yogadeal:  for just $22 (shipping included) get your own piece of art and a comfy t-shirt - all-in-one - appropriate for rocking an awesome yoga pose or your dance moves on the hipster scene.  word on the street has it that the t-shirts are roomy, so if you are looking for a snug fit, order on the smaller side.  there, there yoginis, the cam original is also avaiable in a woman's style tee too.

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