push-up leggings

yoga butt, a coveted side effect of a regular asana practice, is alluring to new yoginis & apparently is a great-selling point for activewear pants (*ahem* old navy).

butt it seems to be a growing trend (all puns intended here). now the girdle is moving beyond the usual suspects of undergarments & is venturing into leggings (read: yoga class apparel).

enter shapeFX, who is capitalizing on this idea of instant gratification with a variety of length & width options - capri ($15), slim ($19), high-waisted ($24), boot cut ($24) & wide-leg ($29).

the yogadeal: for less than the price of some of the fancier yoga-branded booty pants out there, shapeFX's line of leggings appear to cover more than the basics & add an extra emphasis on the rear without a spendy price tag ($15-$29).

no word yet on see-throughness of the material - a deal breaker for (or at least for me) sporting them to a public class...

anyone have a pair already? i am personally considering a pair of the high-waisted to keep all of my bits covered during inversions - there i said it, they got me...