now this: multi-vitamins for yogis

'roids for yogis?

you've seen 'em everywhere & everyday there seems to be another niche in the vitamin market that can enhance the lifestyles of muscle men, menopausal women & now yogis.

new to the scene is truebloom, which has created 3 unique vita-blends to form the power trio that they call 'the yoga nutrient suite' consisting of vitalize, balance & rejuvenate. each 'flavor' provides antioxidants, omega fatty acids & probiotics from organic fruit & herb seeds.

although i have no personal feedback about them, if you don't get everything from just eating your wheaties, truebloom might be a good route to take toward a nutritional boost & maybe even give you the asana edge your looking for...

the yoga deal in honor of yoga month:

  • for yoga students: truebloom is offering 25% off & free shipping [enter code: celebrate]
  • for the yoga teachers: truebloom is offering 50% off & free shipping [contact truebloom]
  • check out their other ongoing programs & discounts