the student body - back to school for yoga teachers

despite the anatomy basics, yoga teacher training has so many other areas to focus on that you really need to dedicate separate time to understanding the science of the body [read: the bones & muscles] that make asana possible.

enter: anatomy studies for yoga teachers with jason ray brown.

as a proud recent graduate [the very reason that i have been limited on my posts recently due to diligent studying in my 'free' time], i can attest the value of this investment has afforded me, now that i have a firmer understanding of what the body does, how to work with students who may have certain body-specific issues & a fresh perspective on sequencing, i highly recommend taking the course if you are in nyc.

since everyone is on a budget these days, jason offers the class a la carte or at a discount when you sign up for all three parts (& then there is a payment plan as well)! the course is available as a weekend and/or weekday program over the course of several months depending on how many sections you commit to.

the real deal (if you are in/near nyc):

other ways to get a taste of yoga anatomy:
now get to class! it starts 9.19.2009.