dry milk - not just for your mama's pantry anymore

if you enjoy milk in your chai [read: you are not vegan] then you may enjoy this economical & organic, all-natural cleanser that is even tsa compatible - dry milk powder.

what to do:
simply take 1 tablespoon of the dried milk in your palm, mix in a few drops of water for a liquidy paste et voila - natural cleanser. with light fingertips massage your face & decollete with the paste, then rinse clean with luke warm water.

what is does:
the milk's lactic acid acts as a gentle exfoliant to help gently remove dead skin cells, leave your skin fresh & glowing.

get it on the cheap:
i found a 12 oz bag online of organic valley organic nonfat dry milk for only $6.12 - with an estimated 40 tablespoons per bag this is definitely a thrifty alternative to the spendy skincare options out there that can still have some shady ingredients & preservatives.

tsa tidbit for thought:
if you are traveling via air it might be best to bring the whole bag to avoid the interrogation of a powdery white substance in your luggage...