$500 yoga mats in swanky soho

it's not what you think, especially if you know yogadeals - i am ALL about the bargain, but i am also about giving back & getting lil ones [read: children] into yoga. last week, i was thrilled to hear from @boomerangyoga (via twitter) about their upcoming event!

boomerangyoga is a non-profit org or rather a fundraising community that seeks the yoga [read: union] of on-the-mat asana & the social awareness of children's education, creativity & health. on september 20th - put it in your blackberry or other electronic calendar right now - stephanie culen, the founder & executive director, will be hosting a sun salute-a-thon to benefit bent on learning. (to read more about the amazing bent on learning program, peruse my list of 'happy places' on the right.)

ideally boomerangyoga is looking to raise at least $500 per mat for the participating volunteers for 3 hours of yoga sun salutations. personally, this is a waaaay more enticing fundraising method than one of those 5k runs (ok, maybe i'm slightly biased...).

if you're thinking 3 hours? 3 hours is a lot of yoga! don't worry, you can share your mat with 2 more people for up to 3 yogis a mat (so that's only 1 hour, now you can breathe again).

the simple steps to get started are listed www.boomerangyoga.com or if you rather have a surrogate yogini on the mat for you, please donate your latte or chai allowance today to the yogadeals mat!!! yes, you can bet i'll be there.

boomerang yoga sun salute-a-thon
when: sunday, september 2009; 3pm-6pm
where: equinox fitness soho
what: 108 sun salutation (& variations) taught by equinox yoga teachers (i am a personal fan!) while derek beres djs his global beats
what else: music, prizes, yummy nibbles, gift bags, & yoga (duh)

donate to the yogadeals mat here!