healthy upgrade for your ingestible happiness

after attending a rather swank event called blueprint cleanse camp, i pick up some tips on how to grocery shop for my greater good (although not necessarily my wallet). here are some top picks from the lovelies at blueprint cleanse:

  1. broccoli - try the sprouts for 50 times the suforaphane (known to kill precancerous cells & fight off stomach bacteria) of the regular 'trees,' with triple the antioxidant power.
    (avoid: cooked mature broccoli)
  2. vinegar - try not to be bitter, but do try raw apple cider vinegar which is alkaline, helping to balance your pH level.
    (avoid: heinz apple cider vinegar)
  3. sugar - use the sweet, sweet nectar of agave as a natural sweetener for your food/drinks it has a low glycemic index, so your taste buds will spike, but not your blood sugar.
    (avoid: white or brown sugar)
  4. oil - first cold pressed extra virgin organic olive oil. true, this is a long one to remember but is also has a lengthy list of benes to go along with it - like soothing your digestive tract, the power to repair connective tissues, and the role of a super heart helper, in addition to being loaded with magnesium, omega 3 & 6, and vitamin a & e.
    (avoid: vegetable oil)
  5. salt - don't shy away from celtic sea salt because it is grayish in color & damp to the touch, it is 100% unprocessed & packs a powerful punch of electrolytes & energy, helping to strengthen immunity & increase the absorption of nutrition from other food.
    (avoid: table salt)
here's to some happy healthy eating! cheers :)