seeking my mala mate

maybe it's the heat, maybe it's the humidity or maybe it's just the busy-ness of life that is making me gravitate towards learning how to meditate - you know, the real deal with the mala beads. no i'm not trying to win a part as an extra in eat, pray, love with julia, i'm just searching for a way to find center even when reality gets really messy.

so i have begun my research... offers some great tips on the basics of meditating with mala beads, with the first step being to find your mala mate (read: choose your set of 108 mala beads), there really seems to be a limitless amount of options that you really have the chance to customize your meditation practice. i am now on the hunt for the right set in hopes that the simple beauty of the beads will inspire me to be diligent.

  • offers some less spendy options of really making your mala your own with a wide variety of options to choose from - i already spent an hour exploring the site & still have yet to decide...
  • has a sandalwood necklace for only $19.99 with free shipping (when you spend $50+).
  • offers perhaps the most stock items at very affordable prices & are having a sale with many ranging from about $7.95 & up.
  • offers a unique buddhist set for $14.99 with free shipping.
or should i just try meditating with a set of rosary beads i was given as a child? it might be a way to ease into it using what i already have even if it is not exactly for the original religious type of prayer....

thoughts? does anyone have any suggestions for getting started?