coconut oil - the phattest fat out there

i myself have recently just begun testing new oils in my cooking & skincare. in the past there was a fear (at least in the u.s.) of coconut oil being bad for you, but in actuality coconut oil is one of the healthiest of the all. here's a laundry list of why:

+one of the highest sources of saturated fat (= good) that is transfat free (so bloomberg in nyc approves!)
+loaded with lauric acid, a v.i.p. essential fatty acid which aids in building & maintaining the body’s immune system, its high concentration is similar to that found in breast milk (but a much less awkward way of obtaining it)
+lowers heart disease factors
+helps fight yeast infections when taken as a supplement

other happy-go-lucky benes/uses:
+cooking vegan (sub out the butta in any recipe - even on toast)
+great skin moisturizer (yes you can use the same jar in your kitchen that you use for cooking!)
+pre-shampoo conditioning treatment (remember a v. lil goes a long way!)

the oil is liquified around 75 degrees so if you buy it in a chilly store it will probably look like the flesh of a coconut in a jar - no nuking needed - just run the (closed) jar under some warm water in your sink to heat the oil.

deal: i found this 16 oz jar of organic coconut oil for $5.11!

anyone have any recipes or remedies to share?