avoid the yoga footprint

much like the carbon footprint, these days asana-lovers everywhere are now struggling to lighten their yoga footprint - as in the grimy one on the mat. i know i have touched upon sauchat, the principle of cleanliness, in the past when it comes to mats, but let's take a moment to focus on the real culprits here - shall we? dirty feet.

step 1 - acknowledge
that open-toe/flip flop season is in full swing & it's up to you to prevent permanent mat stains.

step 2 - inspect your soles; sitting in badakonasana, just take a look down - craddle & lift up one foot & then the other, observe the color, then ask yourself, 'is this the correct shade?'
let me help you out here, no matter what your skin tone, the soles of your feet & the palms of your hands should always be at least slightly lighter than the dorsal side (e.g., back of the hand, tops of the feet).

step 3 - wash away those worries, accept what you see, (hey, it happens to all of us - i have dirty feet too - its inevitable, i live in nyc & i enjoy wearing sandals) & be proactive. if you have time before class or you are at home, have a little cleansing sessions in the sink/tub (so what if others see you, no need to be embarrassed about keeping clean! you may actually inspire others...). otherwise, if you are in a rush & just barely made it to class by the skin of your teeth, carry some handy helpers with you instead - great for feet & other waterless bird baths you may be in need of.

here are some of my faves:

  • shobha freshening cloths - a handy canister of unscented cloths (so you won't be the one wearing perfume to class) formulated by a company obsessed with sanitary practices (check out their no double-dip waxing policy - it'll make you think twice...)
  • sweet spot on-the-go wipettes in basil grapefruit - conveniently packed in single-use pouches to keep your load light & enjoy a gentle refreshing fragrance (won't overpower) - great if you suffer from stinky feet.
  • momspit in fig & green tea - no, just no. there is no saliva involved, but this foaming anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is great for cleansing the tootsies as well - i like to lather up & then towel off with a tissue.
  • cleanwell - if you're not into foaming 'spit' you may want to test out a lemony spritz of this eco-friendly, bio-degradable germ killer.
moral of the story, check your feet before you check into class!