sadie nardini, the practical yogini

sadie nardini, founder of core strength vinyassa yoga and co-owner of the fierce club in nyc (and my teacher, so yes of course i may be biased), makes yoga not only relative to the modern world, but also accessible.

my top 5 reasons to check out sadie & core strength vinyasa yoga:

  1. youtube queen [read: free yoga] - i especially enjoy yoga for the face and the bon jovi mantra, but bootyasana is also an obvious fave for the season.

  2. firecely free - get your first class at the fierce club free - now that is big savings for the big apple.

  3. power hour in your living room - a top 10 dvd on amazon, sadie now offers 2 dvds for at-home centering, strength-building, heart-pumping asana sequences.

  4. budget-savvy certification - sadie knows how to pack in the calorie-burning fest while finding center in just an hour class & she offers an amazing 9-day intensive training to teach you how (you can also do the training at home for half the price)!

  5. yoga for winos - the best of both worlds - sadie is hosting a wine & yoga retreat in tuscany this june! sadie will help you detox so you can retox daily [read: live it up on vacay sans the hangover], all the while enjoying ITALY! what's not to love?