black is the new clean & other manduka magic

despite the basic yoga principle, sauchat, for cleanliness, over time, loving your asana practice can lead to a soiled mat regardless of how clean your tootsies are or how often you clean (or don't clean) your mat.

so what's a yogi to do? [sigh]
simple, manduka your mat.

with more than 16 million americans stepping onto the mat these days, manduka is doing more than just scratching an itch, it is providing practical, affordable options while remaining eco-conscious & doing some worldly good while their at it, by staying true to its mat mantra: a better yoga mat could make a world of difference.

after taking the maduka eKO lite mat for a test-drive, the results are in:

  • lavalicious - when the soles tend to get a little dingy - now it can be a secret only your mat will know about thanks to the ingenious 'lava' color option.
  • no slip 'n' slide here - there are two different textures to the mat, both which prove to minimize slippage during a sweaty practice.
  • cushion for pushin: the 1/8" is perfect for toting around town, while still providing just enough squishiness (yes, squishiness is a very technical term) to comfort knobby knees.
  • lite is diet for mat - weighing in at just 3.5lbs, there's no reason to rent a stinky community mat again!
  • the yoga runway - at 68" the eKO lite was certainly long enough for me at 5'2", but like with most other mats, taller yogis might need a little more room to walk their dog.
bottom line: manduka eKO lite is a quality mat made from non-amazon harvested, natural tree rubber that can lighten your load without lightening your wallet.

deal: fork over 42 big ones for an earth toned eKO lite mat.

spend $8.50 more and get:
option 1 - upgraded to an eKO lite for off the mat, into the world & a portion of the proceeds will be donated to off the mat, into the world, the organization inspiring yogis to gather their yoga badges earned on the mat and to put them to use in the real, less squishy, world.
option 2 - a mat recycling kit, so you don't feel as guilty kicking your ex-mat to the curb.