january poll of the month results - when do you cleanse?

thanks everyone for participating in the 'when do you cleanse' poll! it's so interesting how it is was an all or nothing scenario with your responses - 33% cleanse in the winter & summer, while 25% have never cleansed!

i think cleansing is definitely worth trying! you can start with just a whole foods (not the store, but yes they would probably have what you need) cleanse that excludes any refined sugars (fruit is ok!) & sticks with whole grains, a healthy portion of dark greens, & of course lots of water.

baby steps my friends!
once i read that you should drink half your weight in water each day. so perhaps extreme cleansing is not for you, but a healthier outlook on what you ingest can still be in your very near future (now, go ahead, its ok... put down that sugary treat...).

since i believe moderation is key, try eating consciously healthier, but give yourself one day a week where you can have a little not-so-healthy treat!