svasana in the shower

i managed to only get a few items on my last trip to tj's so i got in the express lane which took me through the personal care isle, where i automatically zoomed in on the bath care section. to my delight there was another scrub to feed my obsession - lavender salt scrub, it too was only $6.49 & now motivates me to shower in the pm!

the lavender is the essential oil one - not the granny-stinky-i am getting nauseous kind. i actually marinated in a nice bath with it to let the soothing oil really soak in after i finished scrubbing.

i read somewhere that you should always scrub towards your heart for better circulation - so i start from the feet & work my way up, then start at the hands & work toward the pitts, then onto the trunk (tmi?).

overall deal: cheapy, all-natural scrub that leaves you calm and smooth.

convenience deal: snap, hinge top - no need to fumble with the glob of goodness & try screwing the lid back on (i'm not into multitasking in the shower).

all-in-one deal: no moisturizer needed afterwards - great for my sleepy non-motivated self at a day's end.