wave bye bye to arm flab

blame it on heredity, gravity pulling you down, whatever - upper arm flab is definitely a problem area for women especially as we age. here are some basic yoga poses to help maintain firmer upper arms so that your arms stop waving when you do:

1-plank pose - this pose is great for all over body toning.

2-downward dog - ground down through the 4 corners of your palms to create stable arches with your hands & hug your upper arms in.

3-dolphin pushups - start in a shorter down dog with your forearms on the ground, then lowering your hips bring your chin over your hands & try to touch the floor with your chin, then repeat. doing 10-15 reps a day is a great way to strengthen you upper arms & tone your core (not to mention a great prep for inversions!).

4-activate those pinkies - perhaps my favorite of all! while subtle, it makes a huge difference; simply keep your pinky fingers active by extending them in standing poses like warriors & lunges this will help keep your triceps & tinier muscles (like anconeous) on the posterior side of your arms firm.