yoga deals 2009 gifting guide

welcome to the first annual yoga deals gifting guide... because it's the thought that counts, so don't break your piggy bank during the 2009 holiday season. (also be sure to check out more finds on yogadork!)

asana apparel
bent on learning tank beater designed by kenny scharf - perfect for the hot yoga or for layering, each tank provides 3 yoga classes for children in nyc schools ($25)

limb warmers
- keep the heat when during your yoga warm up (or when traveling to & from class) with ($8-$18 )

itty bitty yoga clothes - india-inspired organic baby gear ($8-$42)

budget bling

lightweight earrings - crafted by ashleigh woods, an indie designer, who uses beads she finds on her travels ($24-$40)

meditative marvels
shakti mat - take focus to the next level with a meditation mat with mini massagers built in to trigger pressure (or torture..) points ($59)

you are here - thicht nhat khan guide to discovering the present moment ($14)

local love
yoga passbook - more than 300 free classes for 2010 at local studios in some major cities ($75)

yoga for a year - check out local studios, they usually have an annual option for unlimited yoga, usually at a discounted rate! (nyc: the kula yoga project in nyc is $1680/year)

diy kits

kombucha brooklyn
the yogi's equivalent to a home beer brew system, but cooler because it's from brooklyn, home of the hipsters ($25)

sugaring kit - not only because of a personal love of shobha, but because it works (& who wants to be hairy on the mat?)... home hair removal has never been so sweet ($30)

stocking stuffers

therapeutic eye pillow - lavender & chamomile in the comfort of a pillow to melt away stress ($7)

organic cleansing mat spray - a subtle way of letting your buddies know it's time for some mat maintenance ($5)

shambhala sun - subscribe to be a beautiful buddha ($19)