fuel hump-day with trail mix

this post's for my mom who used to give me dried fruit instead of jelly beans in my easter basket...thank you.

i stumbled upon vivapura, a superfoods pantry, via my twitter followers...

located in the brick-n-mortar sense in patagonia, az, i was only able to explore their virtual shopping experience. vivapura specializes in organic, natural, energy-fueling foods like trail mix & they are offering 20% off all 1/2 & 1 lb their bags [enter coupon code "TrailMix20"].

the highlights:

  • free recipes for nutritious & delici-oso eats
  • free shipping on orders over $100
  • readily available specials that help you save up to 50% off featured items
  • a calendar of events, some even donation based, to get you on a healthier path (can you say - kick start your new year's resolution early? there really is no time like the present.)
i am planning to send some trail mix to my mom (who always has some hidden in her glove compartment) which 'flavor' should i pick?