how-to avoid the thong over pant in yoga class

you know you've witnessed it, experienced it or both (even simultaneously)... it's one thing to see undergarments poking out when you are strengthening, lengthening & stretching your limbs in yoga class, but it's when you see both the top & bottom of the under-loins (read: thong, fully-exposed) that the line must be drawn. true the thong does prevent the dreaded visible panty line (vpl) that could possibly throw off your concentration if your outfit effects your practice (we know, you're working on it), so here it is cheap & easy - quick fixes to fight the crack:

1- if you are vpl-phobic... go commando - try these non-maxi pad panty shields - 8 single-use cotton patches for $16.00.

2- if you rather c.y.a... try old navy's mesh hipster - thin enough to disguise a vpl & breathable for a sweaty practice, plus they are low enough to avoid rising above your yoga pant line, just $12.00 for 3.