we'ar something special & sustainable

when you find yourself in yoga classes monopolized by lululemon, a certain excitement ignites within when you find yoga threads that combine accountability, creativity, practicality & imagination (ok, maybe it's just me...).

escaping her 'yoga bubble,' jyoti morningstar entered the real world & truly found the yoga of her life, uniting her yogic lifestyle & her design skill set to birth we'ar, new zealand's eco-conscious active clothing line. in addition to great designs, jyoti stresses traceability, ensuring a karmic life for each garment from cradle to savasana (read: grave).

the pieces may be a bit spendier than what you may be used to on yogadeals, but when it comes down to it, if you are looking to be a day-n-night yogi (yes, just like barbie only anatomically correct of course), the we'ar line's versatile style really pays off - or rather for itself over time. instead of five cheaply made hoodies (probably from sweat shops & we're not talking bikram class), i think my closet & my laundry bin would really appreciate my investment in the very unisexy ultimate hoodie from we'ar.

however, if your piggybank is still on a recessionary diet, there is still a good deal to be had at we'ar!

yoga deal: 2 for 1 scoop neck tees (2 for $60), they come in a variety of colors, with a comfy, loose fit & hand-rolled edges.

also, a HUMONGO THANK YOU to we'ar for donating to boomerang yoga's fundraiser for bent on learning!