if you love it, tag it

it has become the new chain letter of 2009 - tagging. my friend stylepill just tagged me & now i am passing it forward.

here are the rules:

1-go to the 4th folder where you keep your pics.

2-choose the 4th pic.
(look to your left) check!

3-explain it.
my little cousin gave me my pocket 'love' buddha about 2 christmases ago. and so i began bringing him along to new places, helping me stay in the present moment & spread the love, plus he's a great conversation starter & makes for memorable pics (case in point). this pic is from our trip out west to san fran visiting one of my bestest friends, when we went to a cozy little wine bar in the marina... check!

4-tag 4 blogs you are following.
beauty blogging junkie
elephant beans
vegan bits