why eagles don't get cellulite

ok, i don't have the answer for that question, but eagle is the yoga pose that can help you prevent cellulite! i was in a vinyasa flow class today taught by marco rojas at equinox and he passed along that little tidbit to us!

it actually makes so much sense! since your gluteous maximus as well as your meaty hammies are all wrapped up tightly in this pose, it can definitely wake up an lazy cells! and if you incorporate the eagle arms as well, you can help prevent the wobbly arms that keep waving after you stop (you know what i'm talking about)... now i don't have any scientific info to back this up (yet), but hey it's free, simple and you can do it while watching tv!

check out yogajournal.com for tips on how-to soar like an eagle!

if you have any scientific, yogi-nerd data to add to this, please share!!!