danku very much, for not so much

i have been doing stalker-esque 'walk-bys' of this place since i saw it's trademarked word: naturalicious on the building's facade. nestled between the regular overpriced cafes and spendy restaurants lies a new gem in midtown, which just opened on 12.01.2008!

danku, the dutch word for - you guessed it - thank you - is the new place to eat healthy and delicious food in midtown.

they are eco-friendly with their packaging and organic as possible with there food/beverage assortment. plus their staff is surprisingly warm and fuzzy, they have an inviting communal style dining area, and best of all, their prices are reasonable!!!

i enjoyed 2 delcious, spinach/artichoke krokets with the combo side salad and an organic, fair-trade coffee for all under $10! to top that, i still have the side salad (a healthy portion), which is filled with organic, seasonal veggies to eat for lunch tomorrow! caffeine and lunch for two days, what more could i ask for - oh, i know... a location downtown!!!

danku. danku very much.