ringing in the new year, by cleansing out the old

in attempts to have a fresh start in 2009, i am planning a cleanse for a clean slate. & so, i have begun scouring the web for different options because i am not sure if i want to repeat the master cleanse. personally, i like to chew, taste & swallow food, so i don't now if i can go the complete liquid route this time.

i stumbled upon totalhealthsecrets.com, a really great site with many options & resources for cleansing as well as organic supplements. there are even a few books (like the one in the pic to the left) about cleansing that i am strongly considering adding to my library in hopes of finding my perfect cleanse.

although i haven't tried any of these cleanse systems, i am very interested in the healthforce cleanse (2 week program). they are a bit pricier than the master cleanse (a few lemons, syrup, cayenne pepper & some tea), but i feel like they offer a healthier, more balanced option for sustaining the benes of a cleanse after the cleanse.

fortunately, our friends over at totalhealthsecrets.com are willing to offer yogadeals readers (that's you!) a 10% discount through 12.31.2008! i will keep you posted on what i test out.

in the meantime, does anyone have any cleanse programs they love?

does anyone want to join me on my cleanse starting friday 01.09.2009?

deal: shop the products online, then when youare ready to order, call 510.653.5050 (m-f; 10:00-5:30 pst) and mention the yogadeals 10% discount!