yoga city, our new virtual playground

finally! a website/community dedicated just to nyc yogi(ni)s! created by the fabulous brette & minna, their brand new site for busy, multi-tasking nyc yoga-doers is a super efficient way to access your options, find a way to start a yoga practice, take it to the next level, prevent injuries, find it on the cheap and pretty much everything yoga inbetween & of course coupons to sweeten any moment when you are looking for yogic bliss.

i can't wait to explore!

deals: thru january 16, yogacitynyc is offering a special launch discount of 50% on ALL NEW PAID MEMBERSHIPS (don't worry this is just for those who want post/list their class/other yoga offerings, otherwise it's free!). use the promotion code: 1011 on the checkout page when paying.