urban organic - not an oxymoron, but delivery in nyc

just because i am not a sustainable farmer (although some do exist even in nyc), doesn't mean i am not obsessed with eating like one. urbanorganic.com is a grocery delivery service that helps me do just this & conveniently!

this brooklyn-based company delivers fresh season produce to your door with a option of box sizes. i opt for the 'original value box' and get a delivery every two weeks of fresh veggies and fruit for about $37, including the $2 delivery fee. this delivery has been a saving grace on hectic days when grocery shopping is the last thing i want to spend my free moment on, even though i know the fridge is an empty lot.

worried you'll get the one veggie you hate? urbanorganic.com omits that by offering you up to three 'no's' so you never get stuck with a veggie you don't like.

the pluses
+prompt, reliable delivery
+quality produce

+great variety
+good portions

+everything is organic

+other grocery items (i.e. milk) can be added to your order
+can cancel deliveries two days before

the minuses
-support line never gets you to a person only a voicemail
-one-time $25 setup fee

deals: if you refer a friend, you get a free box!