finding inner rewards in a time of outward chaos

the economic downturn in our environment has led many of us to go in - stay in on weekends, in the gym, in the zone - basically to inwardly reflect; really stripping us down to what is important in our lives, how we can live better & basically not go crazy. luckily there are inner rewards to be found or rather a new nationwide website to explore. the beta version of offers you a community of similar minded folks, topic variety & destinations for helping you on your own self-centered journey (do not confuse with selfish)! think of it as a or for those looking for a wholesome lifestyle, but you can also shop directly online - pretty much a one stop shop!

deal: innerrewards is doing a VIP promotion where if you contribute content, they will provide you with a free spa service (up to $200) of your choice. check here for the deets: