handy inversion help

inversions are perhaps the most challenging part of my practice, but also an inspiration for me to one day be able to rock a handstand without any help from a wall or fellow yogi(ni)s.

handy helper #1: hand balancing workshop
join jordan mallah for an afternoon of inversion sequence & tools to strengthen your practice.

saturday, 12.06
2:00pm - 4:00pm
pure yoga: 203 east 86th st (nyc)
$50 (or $40 for pure yoga members)
to register, call 212.360.1888

handy helper #2: shoulder & core strengtheners
try incorporating some of these asanas in your practice for inversion prep:

  • plank: try isolated plank pose, remaining in the pose for 30-60 seconds, really root through your hands & feet while hugging in through your core, bringing your tailbone towards your navel; 2-3 isolations/practice.
  • core plank: start in downward dog, raise one leg, bend the knee & come forward to core plank, hugging your knee up to your chest trying to bring your forehead to the knee. include this through out your practice during your vinyasa flow.
  • dolphin: start in downward dog with your forarms on the ground, move forward into plank; sets of 10-15; 3 sets/practice
  • shakti kicks: begin in a down dog, walk your feet in a bit to create a shorter stance, bring your shoulders over your wrist, inhale & on a deep exhale, kick up to handstand prep with bent legs.

handy helper #3: props for hanging at home
practice your inversions on your own with a little help from a strap or swing

inversion sling start at $110 (about the price of a private session!)
yoga ropes start at $95

deal: although these props function on their own, if you splurge for both you get $15 off at www.yogaprops.com.