better than homemade & customized

the return of the love note. instead of handwriting i have opted to type 100 personal minicards for my honey using for $19.99. is a quaint little brit site that lets you create bcards, gift cards and mini cards. why i'm obsessed with everything mini, not sure, but i am and this definitely satiated my urge for stationery and miniatures. i am also working on a few other projects or rather creating the need to use moo again, especially the moo frames where you can create mosaics with interchangeable pieces.
in addition to the minicards, they have mini card holders - what's not to love? merry little xmas early.

ps: place your first ever order at & get 20% off 1 pack of minicards! just enter code YRY7H6 at checkout - moohoo!!!
pps: spend $100 or more and get free standard shipping, just gorgeous dahlin'