lavender eye pillows

nothing is more calming than an eye pillow during savasana (corpse/final relaxation pose) it blocks out light, adds weight to your eyelids so they don't have to do the work, especially if you are feeling restless (for all you peekers) and the ones with lavender add some much-welcomed aromatherapy, helping you to surrender into the ground and let your body absorb all that it has just done in your asana practice while lying motionless.

i was prompted to invest in my own eye pillows for my students when i taught a 7th grade class through the bent on learning program. we were in the school auditorium with bright stage lights overhead. my 7th graders who were new to yoga (as well as having not fully formed their frontal lobes) easily became very interested in poking and tickling each other during savasana while others would comment that the lights were too bright; my conclusion: get eye pillows asap.

i came across some great eyepillows unexpectedly on for $5.99 each! unfortunately, i just checked the site and they no longer carry them, however if you are feeling crafty you can make your own eye pillow.