levitate without bringing lightness to your wallet

for less than a gym membership, levitate yoga still offers their amazing $98 monthly membership!

the fine print:

  • you get unlimited yoga classes the program is auto-renew, meaning they'll charge your card every month
  • you get fast and easy check-in with a key tag, discounts on mat flats, massages, workshops and retail
  • you must commit to a 6-month membership to reap the benes
about the classes
from beginners to advanced yogis, each can find their spot in the cozy classrooms with a wide spectrum of yoga teachers who each bring their own special something to class.

personal faves
classes with paul & shri

other deets

  • $1 rentals - mats and towels - each washed between uses to avoid spreading yoga mat funk from one yogi to the next
  • great little boutique - find the essentials and some other pampering items
  • changing area equipped with freshening items to keep you on the move, ideal for the non-shower after class sprucing up (levitate has no showers)