satya sample sale + secret early access code #truth

what's better than a sample sale?  one that's online (read: no crowds) and one where you get first dibs (the best stuff always sells out first).

satya, the tiffany's of the yoga world, is having one of its far and few between sample sales!

Dates: July 23 – 25
What: necklaces, bracelets and earrings up to 50% off with exclusive pieces created just for the sale.

the yogadeal:  early access to the sample sale starts at 10 am EST on Sunday, July 22, enter the code "shopfirst" to get in on the action.  what do you do until then?  mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone of course.



fancy your feet in a flash (sale)

scrubba dub dub, give those yogitoes some love!  as yogis, we rock barefeet on the regular all year. so when you combine that regular nakedness with summer's wear and tear on the tootsies (hello, flip flop abuse), it's important to pamper your peds.

i stumbled upon this brand new line, me & the girls, while i was 'on the job' at a recent trade show and had the pleasure of testing out its products that are loaded with great ingredients and work great too!  the scrubs are hands-down a new fave on my list (and i'm pretty picky about my scrubs). 

the scrub formulations by me & the girls are super moisturizing because of rich ingredients like coconut oil and Cupuacu Seed Butter, and yet the fine-grain organic sugarcane base allows them to get down and gritty. 

the result?  baby soft feet.

the yogadeal:  enjoy a flash sale (hurry, i'm not sure how long it will last) of lavandula revive foot scrub for only $15 (reg $24).

sweaty betty summer sale

with the thermometer nearing 100 degrees (f) today in nyc, what better way to embrace the hot, humid reality than with a sale from sweaty betty!

here are some of my top picks:



for only $38 (reg $55) consider this swimsuit the l.b.d. for those beach days.  since the sidelines are a little lower, it's great for impromptu beach yoga without scandalous exposure.







whether you're sweating it out at bikram or on the beach, booty shorts make it more manageable for yogaing in the heat.  these durable ones are on sale for $30 (reg $66), however size avaialbility is limited.





made of odor-resistant bamboo this twist on a traditional tank is a great summer staple for only $19 (reg. $62).

klutchbox - a monthly subscription of yoga goodies

last year kicked off a new business model of subscription-based monthly programs where you can sign up to get goodies in the mail each month, with categories that run the gammut from beauty products to shirts for guys, and now even more have surfaced, including klutchbox that made its initial debut in april.  while the name initially through me off (i've never heard a yogi call anything 'klutch' before), the box didn't disappoint. 

here's what was in my klutchbox:

  • a yoga workout dvd from Kristin McGee (who got her start from her MTV yoga dvds and now works with celebrities like bethenny frankel). the dvd has a few different sequences and is definitely accessible for even yogi beginners - sending this one on to my mom!
  • $25 coupon to Hyde yoga clothing - tapping into my bargain shopper, this $25 coupon code (sorry folks, I can't share this one) is a flat $25 off, no minimums.  already a fan of hyde yoga, the nyc-based yogawear company, now it's just a question of what i'd like to add to my yoga wardrobe.
  • a to-go packet of hydrive - a new energizing drink mix that's supposed to kickstart your workout.  i typically stick to (coconut) water and shy away from brightly (usually artifically) colored drinks, so this one i shared with the bf who likes his water flavored.  no complaints so i can say it passed his 'mikey likes it test.'
  • a 'juice box' of Zico coconut water - i never met a coconut water i didn't like and i've had me many a zico before, so i was happy to have an extra one in my fridge!
  • 3 tea bags of Tea Forte - the variety green tea blends, each with a unique flavor (cherry marzipan, honey and cucumber mint) have made delicious iced teas.  plus, these soothing teas are loaded with plant based anti-oxidants for healthy skin.
  • a mini-bottle of shea terra organics black soap - this liquid soap has officially made into my yoga bag for post-class cleansing and i love it!  it's natural and organic and it works without drying out my skin. until now i thought black soap was only available in bar form, so i'm pleasantly surprised that's not the case anymore.
  • a bottle of Barlean’s Organic Oils omega swirl - i was the most skeptical of this 'goodie.' yes, i know everything in the bottle was really great nutritionally, but i was kind of squeamish about taking the recommended 2 teaspoons for oil that included fish oil, even if it was mango peach flavored.  thankfully, it was not fishy at all and has made it easier for me to swallow on a more regular basis. so if you need to amp up your intake of omegas i'd recommended starting with a bottle of this stuff.
  • a couple of snacks from enjoy life foods - the seed and fruit snack mix was pretty cool since it doesn't contain any nuts that folks are most commonly allergic to.  the plentil chips i was as big of a fan of (a potato-y chip made from lentils), but i definitely consider keeping the seed and fruit snack mixes in my bag.
  • a Kind Bar: i've been a fan of kind bars for several years, so i was happy to give their Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Protein Bar a taste.  it's also loaded with Calcium, Iron and Fiber.

the yogadeal: for a subscription that will run you $18/month or less (if you commit for 3 months it's $17/month and for a year it's only $16/month) you will recieve a box of goodies from the klutchclub valued at $50+, that's packed with new and fun yoga-minded goodies.  a great gift option for yourself and for yogis in your life.  plus, you get it in the mail - who doesn't like getting packages in the mail?!

disclaimer:  i received my first klutchbox with compliments of the klutchclub to review for my readers. free or not, my opinion is my opinion and my review is my review :)

freebie: ayurvedic answers for the ultimate morning glow

skip the cosmetic aisle, and turn your body into your own 'healthy, glowing temple' via a free call with wellness advocates, nadya and ashley.  the free (did i mention it was free already?!) call will give you pointers on how to add ayurveda into your daily beautification routine. the call is hosted on, ashely's amazing digital ashram which i have only begun to explore, but was instantly intrigued. 

the yogadeal: register for the call, even if you can't be there in real time, because they'll email you a free recording.

Wednesday, 5/30/2012
5pm PST / 8pm EST


yogi-beanie for less beans

for those days when doing your hair will make or break whether you get thy asana to yoga class, insert the yogi-beanie. hat hair is ok, just bring a hair tie to throw your tresses up during your practice. remember, yoga class is not a fashion show (although pretty things are welcome, they are not required).  then post class pop said yogi-beanie back on, even if you have sweaty, scary hair to keep you looking chic on your way to the shower.

the yogadeal:  prana has some cute 'beaners' on sale, the one pictured is only $15.60.

freebie: yoga teaching tools

like writers, sometimes yoga teachers can feel a block.  what's the cure?  more yoga of course. (yoga is always the answer -at least for me it is).

however, as this is the blog of a perpetual student, i look for inspiration and guidance from other teachers.  yoga teacher central is a new online hub for teachers that offers a broad spectrum from sample class sequences, and tips on adjustments to pranayama and yoga philosophy.

the yogadeal:  if you don't have the time (or mula -the green kind, not the bandha) to go back to yoga school, check out yoga teacher central has a completely free section, plus a free trial to 'asana digest'.  and lastly, there's an intro special on their monthly membership program (giving you more access to more good stuff) for $9.95/month (20% off the regular price through 5/30/2012).

april showers bring rain gear

ok, it hasn't been particularly rainy in nyc since april hit, but somewhere it must be raining a lot this month.  and although umbrellas are helpful, they don't always pack well in smaller bags and are often abandoned, which can leave you soggy getting to and fro yoga class.

the yogadeal:, infamous for their bras, has a crazy sale on their rain jacket (featured here), which is regularly $79.00, but is now on sale for $9.95.  perhaps a legitimate reason for a rain dance.

nyc freebie: yoga tune up coregeous class

despite the common fear that nyc is too expensive to live in there are actually some great inexpensive perks that are unique to this big apple - in fact they are actually cheaper (and sometimes free!) compared to other parts of the country, including but not limited to mani/pedis, bikini waxes, food delivery and yoga events!  there are lots of yoga events that sync to book and dvd releases that happen here (yes, i'm talking about nyc, where i dwell). 

check out this nyc yoga deal: equinox at columbus circle (located in midtown west) will be hosting a free "coregeous" class led by the founder of yoga tune up, jill miller.  the class will be monday, april 23rd, 3pm-4pm.

you must rsvp by commenting on the yoga tune up facebook page.  space is limited, so hop to it!

if you're more of a homebody or can't get to class, jill's new dvd, core-geous, is now available.  it includes 7 sequences to strengthen your core. plus, if you purchase the dvd you can get 10% off the ytu therapy balls which are recommended to use with the video (code: balls10).

never heard of yoga tune up?  here's a blurb from their site:  "Yoga Tune Up® is Fitness Therapy for Everyday Living. Our mission is to help you Live Better in Your Body so you can be healthy and active for a lifetime."

paint for the toes, that doesn't cost an arm or a leg....

as a yoga teacher, keeping my tootsies pampered is part of the job (or at least that is how i justify pedicures).  between pro treatments (since i tend to get those far and few between), i paint my own toenails on a more regular basis.  and as an ingredient snob, when it comes to beauty products I require that my nail polish be free of the three worst ingredients (which are still commonly found in many brands out there - check those labels!):  toulene, formaldehyde and dbp.  trust me you don't want these 'guys' on your nails (read no more dirty looks to get the low down on why).

anywho, long story longer.... today while browsing my new favorite tj maxx location (broad st & wall st - fidi/nyc), i stumbled upon a 7-pack of neon colored polish from l.a. colors and was super excited by two facts: (1) the polishes were toluene, formaldehyde and dbp free and (2) the whole 7-pack was only $6.99 (read: a buck a bottle - score!!!!).

i now look forward to a very colorful season. 

the yogadeal:  tj maxx has begun carrying more beauty products that have natural ingredients, so make sure to check out your local store to save without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients in your products!

yoga cures for budget-friendly wellness

a pose a day keeps the doc away.  with healthcare costs on the rise, there is no better time than now to start being more proactive in your selfcare.  yoga cures, the new book by my yoga pal, tara stiles, launches today (personal shoutout: congrats!!!).  per tara's style, the book shows you how yoga is really the cure-all for anything that might be eating at you, all in her uncomplicated, straight forward way. she has created simple sequences that remedy everything from a broken heart to jiggly thighs to couch-stination.

when i asked what her favorite fix was in the book, tara replied, 'I like the Chill the *&@# out! cure... because it works!'

cool side note:  the book has tons of pics of poses - which happen to be the handywork of photog to the rockers (and husband of the bex - my pal!!!), justin borucki

the yogadeal:  for less than most co-pays, get yourself a guide to 50 yogic cures for common ailments.  starting today (april 3rd, 2012), yoga cures is now available on for $12.23 (reg. $17.99).

freebie: mudras go mobile

mudras are energetic seals you can create with your body (mostly hands and fingers) that are known to have healing properties and enhance a pranayama practice. if you're a non-expert like moi, i found this mobile app (android) an easy reference and am interested to give them a spin on the mat.

the yoga deal:  this app is a freebie, so don't stress about the mullah, meditate with these mudras instead.  download the app to your smartphone - search 'mudras' or click here for less effort.

freebie: meditation meets coloring book

even though i am a couple decades past coloring age, i still love it! for me, mandalas are a great way to find focus, especially when i am feeling scattered and sitting still to meditate (in the traditional sense) seems impossible. 

the yogadeal:  download these free mandala coloring pages for free from!


yoga jeggings under $20

although i firmly am against leggings as pants off my yoga mat, lugging an entire second outfit to the studio can be taxing on my shoulder and my already maxed out all-in-one purse/bag (really it's suitcase-sized with a strap). so i thought i'd share the 'stylized stictch leggings' by yogafit with you, they have 'stitched' booty pockets and seams to make you feel like you almost aren't wearing leggings (which we all know are footless, thick tights).

the yogadeal:  for $18.95 yogafit leggings are worth a try even if you only wear them on your mat.

 if you've tried these out yourself - share your thoughts in the comments!  i want to know all about them :)

give your valentine a homemade 'buch

as in kombucha.  by now we've all see the viral 'sh!t yogis say' video, where the yogini lovingly clutches here komucha for most of the reel.  well, sterotype are not, i like kombucha and i love a deal! 

the yogadeal:  kombucha brooklyn is serving up a delicous 30% off their diy kit, with a little extra flair for v-day.  for $28 you get some sweet, sweet (and tangy) flavorings to spice things up.  don't have a valentine?  celebrate your health, go on, you're aloud to love your own body. shop for the goods.

super sales at ymx by yellowman

looks like ymx by yellowman is having their own internal flash site sale, currently up?  the koi hoodie. normally $119 it's now on sale for 3 days only (ends 1/27) for $25. 

the yogadeal:  for $25, this fancy hoodie is definitely worth a looksee and the site also deserves regular 'window' shopping if ymx keeps this act up (and i hope they do).

stirrup socks - the legwarmer evolved

i'm not quite sure why baseball players wear stirrups, but it makes complete sense why a yogi would rock strappy versions of a sock.  you see, we need need the grip of our tooties and our bare heels as we get grounded in postures, but sometimes our ankles can get chilly.  i find stirrup socks even better than legwarmers because they stay put better and keep more of my foot (not just my leg) warm.  here are a few fun and noteworthy ones i stumbled upon:

these come in grey/black and are described a plush (not quite sure what that means...).

on sale for $26.60 from (reg. $38.00)






although super cute, this site only sells the pattern, but maybe it's worth a try. how many knitted hats do you really need anyway?

get the pattern for $7.50 and making knitting your post yoga class meditation.





ok, maybe i was saving the best bargain for last.  this shimmery pair is available at and they're made by jessica simpson (i know, i was pleasantly surprised too!).

 on sale for $9.95 at (reg. $12.00).

bundle up bargains

it officially feels like winter in nyc with the wind chill making it single digit chilly.  so obviously blankets during at the end of yoga class (savasana) are pretty much a requirement.  even during a home practice, it's important to keep your body warm during savasana, when it tends to drop as your body stills and cools.

here are a couple options on the cheap that you can also cozy up with if you are practicing couchasana: offers a variety of blanket options, with their 'standard yoga blanket' on sale for $11.95. has 'mat size mexican yoga blankets' on sale for $8.78, oley!




i haven't tested these blankets out, so just keep in mind that you might have to double up if you're using these for props, but if you're just looking for some warmth, these budget friendly blankies are a safe bet.