90 minutes to change the world 101

continuing on my yoga teaching journey, i just completed this great webinar with the renowned and awesome amy ippoliti.  amy has made her mark as a top anusara teacher, but in this webinar series she was super informative and personal, basically everything that makes her a great teacher also makes her a great teacher's teacher.  since the 'class' is web-based it was super convenient for me to keep up, even though i wasn't able to listen live, the recordings were very clear and the homework (yes, homework!) was actually stuff i've been meaning to do so this was a great way to get me going. 

the webinar, 90 minutes to change the world 101, helped inspire and motivate me to the next steps in my teaching evolution, so much so that it is feeling more like a revolution!  a

my has a great vibe and a lot of down-to-earth info to share. she also has a freebie on her website - 5 steps to living funk-free - something everyone could stand to use.  check her out.  you're welcome :)