yoga cures - tara's new book project

strala is full of movers and shakers, including founder tara stiles!  her second book is already n the pipeline and is slated to hit the shelves next spring (2012). 

YOGA CURES: Over 50 Simple Routines for Radiant Health


a shot from tara's yoga cures photoshoot with justin boruckithe book's theme is shaped around what tara does best and what youtubers everywhere know her for - creating simple sequences that help solve common issues like hangovers, pms, tension, wrinkles and 46 other ones... you'll just have to wait until next spring to see what else tara can cure with the yoga.  in the meantime, get on your mat and find out what you can do for yourself.  

bonus tidbit:  deepak chopra (tara's yoga student) wrote the foreward (fancy, i know).

congrats tara!