i'm teacher of the week at strala!

i feel like i just got a gold star!  i am honored to be teacher of the week at strala!

here's the clip from the newsletter:


Strala Teacher of the Week!!

We're thrilled to present Strala Teacher of the Week, Jennifer Pesce. Jennifer is a graduate of the Strala Training program and is dazzling us with her fun, knowledgeable, exciting classes. Her roster of private clients is also filing fast so contact her if you're interested in squeezing in some down dogs!

We think Jennifer is awesome and we want all of you to get hooked on her classes too!

check out the newsletter for more details on the upcoming training, the new stralatraining.com website, and of course the early bird yoga classes!  i will also be teaching a late night class during the week, in case you are more of a night owl, than an early bird (8:45pm).