school's in for summer

my NEW yoga notebook - yes, i still have one despite the blog/laptop - i love school supplies!most new yorkers head out of manhattan during the steaming months of summer, seeking haven in beach towns that pepper the east coast, but me?  don't get me wrong i love the beach and vacation, but there has always been a part of me that enjoys summer school. 

(no, i wasn't a bad student growing up so i never went during childhood, but i wanted to!) 

every few months, i still get the itch to learn something new in a more disciplined setting.  and so over the past five years this focus has mainly been on my yoga practice - improving my own understanding of the philosophies, anatomy, alignment and everything else yogic - so that i can share it with others, mainly to offer something to my community rather than make money (thankfully, i have a day job that i enjoy that does that!). 

and so this july, i have embarked on a new learning adventure with tara stiles and michael taylor at strala yoga in soho (nyc).  i was intrigued by the calm, cool, casual approach the duo has for yoga.  i feel they are able to offer a fresh perspective on how to slow down my practice while still making every breath and movement count just as much as in a power session (the style i am most used to at the moment). 

currently, i have been doing my homework and attending class.  next up, our first training intensive this weekend.  and then?  i'll keep you posted.  in the meantime, stay cool.