bow to the tao

this saturday's strala curriculum consisted of a 3 hour sesh with tao porchon-lynch, the 92 year young yogini, which was just awe-inspiring.  her strength and flexibility makes me feel silly about ever complaining of aches and pains during my 30 years on this planet - which is the exact amount of years that tao has been teaching yoga!  can you believe it?  she began her yoga teaching career at 60!  a true inspiration to prove that you can choose to do anything with you life - age is not a handicap.

we worked on some advanced poses (even though tao taught them with such simplicity and ease) including dancer and peacock.  check out two of my fellow strala tts rocking them (yay, jennifer grossi and yulady saluti!):

and here's one of me with jane fonda's dog, tulea (such a sweetie):

 (ps - be on the look out for my insider report on yogadork!)