those who can do, teach.

whoever said, "those who can, do. those who can't, teach," was terribly mistaken and flat out WRONG.  

it is super important for yoga instructors to not only have their own practice, but also to practice teaching.  teaching yoga to others is experiential in which you have to have lived it to share it with your students.  now, this doesn't mean that yoga teachers have to do each pose textbook perfect (because really there is no such thing) themselves to teach it, but they do need to have experienced the pose themselves regardless of the level they take it to in their own practice.  in addition to a teacher's self-practice, they also need to practice teaching yoga to find their own voice and get into the flow of things.  

at strala, these concepts have been thoroughly enforced in the training - you must take a minimum of four classes a week (at least two of which must be with mike or tara), teach mini-sessions during the weekend intensives and host your own community class with real students!

deal alert!!! like getting free haircuts with new stylists at a salon, strala is now offering FREE yoga to students who are open-minded enough to tryout the new teachers-in-training!  currently the classes are offered monday through thursday, 4pm-5pm (no reservations required).  if you don't have a mat, it's only two bucks for a rental (read: nyc yoga deal).