graceful anatomy

yesterday (saturday) marked the 3rd official training day at strala and the focus was on one of my favorite topics - alignment.  lisa, one of the instructors at strala, led the discussion and offered a wide variety of demos.  i have actually taken a course previuosly, but it's always great to hear different perspectives and teachers as there are a ton of different ways to describe how to encourage people to align their muscles and bones while in a pose.  lisa encouraged us to get more in touch with our own alignment, pointing out that if you are able to make tweaks in your own practice, then you will be better equipped at helping others. 

alignment is magical, and when you find it, it's like hitting your sweet spot or finding your pot of gold - you find balance and a sense of ease in even poses you may find to be super challenging.

here are some resources that i recommend for additional yoga anatomy/alignment (in no particular order).  each offers a slightly different school of thought, so it's best to have a few so you can find your own:

  • video:  watch jason ray brown on (free) discect various poses based on the muscular  system of the human body.
  • book and flashcards:  the muscular system manual by joseph e. muscolino
  • book:  yoga anatomy by leslie kaminoff
  • book:  the concise book of muscles by chris jarmey
  • book:  anatomy for yoga by leigh brandon
  • book:  the key muscles of yoga by ray long (there are 2 volumes)
  • book:  anatomy of hatha yoga by david h. coulter