doshas and down dogs

group session #4 of our strala intensive was great!  it started off with a delicious surprise of cupcakes from mike and tara in honor of two fellow trainees (bex and jamie) who are celebrating their birthdays (happy birthday ladies!!)!  it was a sweet segue into today's discussion - ayurveda.  now, refined sugar isn't necessarily ayurvedic, but then again that really depends on which dosha is most dominant for you...  

nadya, strala's resident ayurvedic guru, introduced us to india's lifestyle science (the sister science to yoga). ayurveda is a non-pillpoping ancient alternative to today's healthcare system.  based on your combination of doshas (which are determined by your physical attributes as well as your personality) you can cater what you eat and even what poses you incorporate into your yoga practice to find your own unique balance and correct symptoms of physical and mental ailments.  

nadya was extremely informative, but don't feel bad if you weren't there, here are some ways you can dabble in drug-free wellness yourself:

  • to self-diagnose your dosha take a few minutes to complete this free online test (no worries, everyone aces it)
  • to get a taste of ayurveda, read nadya's mindbodygreen article and check her blog often.