first (training) date

today was the official first day of strala training.  it felt a bit like a first date that you are on with about fifteen* other people (*a guesstimate) - a little awkward at times, but overall a big relief and fun.  my fellow trainees are some pretty cool people with such a vast variety of backgrounds, including a comedian (a professional one, reallly) and some hardcore personal trainers.  translation?  grounds for a colorful training, good stuff all around.  we already had a chance to each teach for five minutes, so we were able to get a taste of what style each person embraces and get a little peek at their personality beyond the intros.

in addition to the trainees, mike and tara are really grounded and have already begun to share their unique perspectives and insights on approaching yoga as a teacher, while always remembering to remain a student.

my big training takeaway of the day:  leave room to breath and explore.  trial and error is not only encouraged, but necessary to find your own sense of (asana) style.