holidayasana in nyc


\ˈhä-lə-ˌ ä-sə-nə\

the conscious effort of staying sane, healthy and green during the holiday season.

if you're in nyc, you have some moral support this season from fellow yogis.  embark on a month-long challenge to maintain your mental and physical health plus keep your lifestyle greener amidst the crowds of shoppers, fruit cake deliveries and excess packaging. is hosting holidayasana, in which it has partnered with 14 of nyc's top yoga studios (yes, strala included!) to present you with a holiday mission. 


should you choose to accept this challenge, starting december 1st (yes, you get a free pass for tofurkey day) the collective holidayasana mission is as follows:

  • practice yoga 20 times
  • eat 25 very healthy meals
  • volunteer 60 minutes for someone in need
  • avoid using ANY disposable plastic bags

in a nutshell, 'tis the season for living healthy and green, and giving a little back. you can track the group's progress online, bringing this bustling city some much needed positive energy.

join in the fun by visiting: