it's all about (what) you (have)

today marked day 1 of my level 2 strala training!  this training blends level 1 and 2 trainees into one group.  although the underlying themes are the same as the first training we are looking at it from a different perspective, which i find a really smart format as everyone learns in layers, taking away different pieces of knowledge each time.  today, the level 1 trainees were asked to step outside their comfort zone and teach for five minutes, while the rest of us were asked to observe the entire class.  it was really interesting to see how everyone is unique in their bodies and their communication style.  each person has something unique to offer and to gain. 

at strala the idea is to be the teacher you are and not about creating carbon copies of another yoga teacher which some other trainings tend to encourage.  the focus is on being the best you you can be.   

tara made the analogy today that "yoga is like dusting." basically the more you dust the better off your home is, so the more you yoga the better off you will be!