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yoga union teacher training 

despite the fact that i already teach yoga, i am now and will always be a perpetual student of yoga.  each year, i set out to explore a new area of yoga.  recently it's been meditation, anatomy and sanskrit and now i have just embarked on my second 200 hour certification course

since i took my first certification back in 2006 (no, i can't believe it's been that long ago either), i've really had a chance to explore the many different sides of what yoga means to me and where i'd like to learn more.  so in hopes of tying that information all together, as a sort of review, but a challenging review at that, i've signed up for yoga union's 200 hour teacher training.  this training is the first of its kind that alison west is offering!  in the past, the format has been a month-long intensive in which you literally stop your life and commit every day to yoga, which sounds awesome - but since i have full-time commitments (read: work and bills), that option wasn't ideal for me, so when this opportunity came along, i knew it was a sign. 

now through may 2012, i will attend monday evening sessions - a true commitment and challenge in and of itself for me (who tends to be fickle).  there's lots of homework and a big test at the end - the structure my inner dork needs to really pay attention. in short, i'm stoked! 


om meditation teacher training

"the hardest part is getting your ass there." - david nichtern on meditation

i've always heard about the benefits of meditation and have even dabbled in the practice myself, but had no idea if i was 'doing it right.'  so when i came across a meditation training at om yoga in union square (nyc), i didn't hesistate.  led by david nichtern, a senior teacher in the shambala buddhist lineage of chogyam trungpa and sakyong mipham rinphoche - oh and the husband of om yoga's very own cyndi lee, not to mention an emmy award winner and grammy nominee!  besides all of that pizzazz he has going on, he's really grounded and relatable and breaks the art of meditating down into really basic steps.  with that said, david also agrees that although it may seem simple, meditating is hard work and even harder to teach someone else. 

so how does one become great at meditation?
lots of meditating, self-discovery and getting to know those ancient buddhist monks who have already figured it all out. 

check out david's articles on huffington post to help guide you through your own self-study.  or if you're in nyc, visit om yoga for their 30 minute ($5) meditation sessions on tuesday evenings. 


90 minutes to change the world 101

continuing on my yoga teaching journey, i just completed this great webinar with the renowned and awesome amy ippoliti.  amy has made her mark as a top anusara teacher, but in this webinar series she was super informative and personal, basically everything that makes her a great teacher also makes her a great teacher's teacher.  since the 'class' is web-based it was super convenient for me to keep up, even though i wasn't able to listen live, the recordings were very clear and the homework (yes, homework!) was actually stuff i've been meaning to do so this was a great way to get me going. 

the webinar, 90 minutes to change the world 101, helped inspire and motivate me to the next steps in my teaching evolution, so much so that it is feeling more like a revolution!  a

my has a great vibe and a lot of down-to-earth info to share. she also has a freebie on her website - 5 steps to living funk-free - something everyone could stand to use.  check her out.  you're welcome :)


yoga cures - tara's new book project

strala is full of movers and shakers, including founder tara stiles!  her second book is already n the pipeline and is slated to hit the shelves next spring (2012). 

YOGA CURES: Over 50 Simple Routines for Radiant Health


a shot from tara's yoga cures photoshoot with justin boruckithe book's theme is shaped around what tara does best and what youtubers everywhere know her for - creating simple sequences that help solve common issues like hangovers, pms, tension, wrinkles and 46 other ones... you'll just have to wait until next spring to see what else tara can cure with the yoga.  in the meantime, get on your mat and find out what you can do for yourself.  

bonus tidbit:  deepak chopra (tara's yoga student) wrote the foreward (fancy, i know).

congrats tara!



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