pretty places & poses: katonah yoga & mandala vinyasa

today i finally got around to checking out the (somewhat) new studio, katonah yoga, in nyc.  it's located on the cusp of chelsea and the meat packing district on a rather quiet block with shady trees (a nice reprieve from the 90+ degrees that nyc has been for the past week).  the studio is quite, with a lightness to it - probably due to the very white, but also very soothing decor - my favorite part being the sky blue ceilings and honeycomb-esque cubbies for your stuff.  i took david reglin's class, which was as always an intelligent sequence that kept me focused, with a few sprinkles of sarcastic humor. today's class was an especially sweaty, slow flow. basically it was perfect for the hot weather and for slowing down the week. 

since i purchased the new student 3 class pack (3 classes for $30; mat included), after class i began browsing the website to check out the other instructors on the roster.  that's when i stumbled upon this youtube video of taylor flynn.  i'm not really going to say more much about it other than it mixes mandalas and yoga magic.  yes. magic.  happy weekend!