pretty pal: heather (aka @mrshoh)

can you guess who is who? (i'm on the right; @mrshoh is on the left) today marks the 32nd anniversary of my life with my bestie - well at least when we let everyone else in on the conversation that had already been going on for about 10 months prior. yes, i'm talking about my real life twin. 

born at a healthy 7lbs+ each (special shout out to my mama for carrying around 15lbs of baby - especially those 2 extra weeks past your due date), heather and i emerged into the world 6 minutes apart.  to answer your questions, yes, identical (before the days of fertility drugs), natural birth, i'm older and heather was breech, claiming she kicked me out.

the past 3+ decades (yikes!) have been a whirlwind, with most days spent, at some capacity, together. 

thanks for sharing the journey with me, heather, including but not limited to making up our own pretend language, getting crafty, honing my combat skills, telling it to me straight, and the uncontrollable bouts of belly-aching laughter.

love you lots, lil sis - happy birthday :)