pretty pal: yulady saluti

a passion for life and love, living the modern day brady bunch, at 32 years young, my pretty pal yulady saluti, is a mother, a wife, a yogini and now a fighter of breast cancer.  it's been a while since i've seen yulady, but with the recent news about her diagnosis, the whole saluti family has been constantly on my mind. while faced with the news that she will need a double masectomy and more test results to come in the next few days, i wanted to ask everyone to keep yulady in your thoughts and prayers or however else you can send postivity her way.

i first met yulady at my teacher training back in 2010 (wow, how time has flown!) at strala and we've remained pals ever since.  she has an infectious personality and is always filled with boundless energy and smiles.  so please keep her in your thoughts to help her stay strong and to continue smiling, even during the really tough moments!

yulady (and her family) has embraced the news with such courage, it's truly admirable.  this super strong mama is chronically her journey daily via youtube updates.

my strala pals! (yulady is on the far right)