bb beautiful skin

after surviving another international beauty show (think: a carnival/circus of hair stylists and spa people), i'm sold on bb cream. 

the newest trend on the beauty scene, bb cream is great if you really prefer minimal maintenance when it comes to your daily makeup routine.  the truth is i don't have perfectly flawless skin - that, and i'm also an ingredient snob, meaning i'm always on the hunt for quick, easy fixes for my face with the best stuff in them. 

after purusing trade show aisles, i came upon alex, a brand based out of queens (nyc) that carries organic bb cream!  it's a great one-stop shop product that works like a foundation/cover up, moisturizes while treating problem skin and blends really nicely with my pale complexion. 

alex organics pure bb cream is made with 100% natural ingredients - score!  although it's a bit on the spendier side of my beauty budget, i am fortunate to have gotten a good deal on it when i was at the beauty show.  now after using it for just a few times,i can already see the difference in my skin, plus it lightens my makeup load (since I like to schlep lots of stuff in my bag on a daily basis) and i get more bang for my buck (it's my new skin cure-all).  

insider tip: when applying, instead of rubbing into the skin like a moisturizer, pat it on for the best coverage to even out your skin tone while the bb cream works its magic on healing the skin.

alex oraganics pure bb cream is $90 for 1oz tube.